About us

Daddys Home 

One day I decided to quit my job. (Which is in the past so we won't get into the details of that.) I had worked in another state for over two years only to see my two beautiful babies on the weekends. It paid decent money to cover the expenses and take care of my children, but my heart was not in the right place having to only be able to Facetime them at night. When I finally quit my job I looked for another one closer to home but they would still keep me away from my children. So I found an opportunity to open this online store!

When I was trying to find a name I asked my daughter what it should be called and she said Daddys Home. Because I was home now!

This is a family store and our mission is to provide all types of people with motivation and inspiration.

We welcome you and thank you for visiting our store. Thank You!


We drop ship a lot of our product to keep low prices so please be patient when waiting for deliver. Some product comes in faster than others.

Free U.S shipping only, working on a better deal for international shipping.

If you have any questions or problems please contact us at daddyshomestore@gmail.com

Customer service is our priority.

Again Thank You!